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We're On A Mission

Boss Lady is more than just a community; it's a movement dedicated to empowering women from all walks of life. Whether you're an entrepreneur, climbing the corporate ladder, or balancing professional aspirations with motherhood, Boss Lady provides a platform for driven women to succeed and uplift others. Our aim is to make life extraordinary for women who dare to dream big, achieve their goals, and learn from peers who share the same drive and ambition.

Teresa Rand

Founder & Leadership Expert

Teresa Rand brings a wealth of experience as a former corporate CEO and an expert in leadership, staff development, and career coaching. With her guidance, members of the Boss Lady community gain insights and strategies to navigate their professional journeys, whether it's reaching C-suite heights or finding their next big opportunity in the corporate world.

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Jennifer Roberts

Co-Founder & Communications Extraordinaire

Jennifer Roberts' extensive corporate background in public relations and marketing, coupled with her experience in coaching executives, makes her an invaluable asset to the Boss Lady Community. She specializes in helping professionals shine in the spotlight, leveraging her years of corporate experience to guide members in their personal branding and career advancement.

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Meet Our Ladder Group Leaders

Ladder Groups in the Boss Lady community are intimate, empowering circles where members collaboratively pursue their personal and professional goals. These small, localized groups offer a supportive space for sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences. The role of a Ladder Group Leader is central to this dynamic. As a leader, they are responsible for steering discussions, encouraging active participation, and guiding the group toward shared achievements. Their leadership fosters a constructive and nurturing atmosphere, crucial for every member's individual growth and the collective success of the group.

Learn more about our Ladder Groups by clicking here. 

Kelly Amy

"Amazing fellowship with women who are movers and shakers in our community!"

Joslynn Wiese

"Inspiring, uplifting, and surrounded by a wonderful community of women!"

Shannon Halfhill

"I've never felt more included and welcomed."

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